WP 01 - User requirements analysis

The goal of this work package is to identify key stakeholders for policy modelling and to elicit their needs in solving specific socioeconomic policy problems as well as to analyze and specify the requirements for policy modelling, scenario building and the ICT toolbox facilitating wide collaboration among stakeholders in policy analysis, formulation and evaluation.

The following objectives drive the tasks of this work package:

  • identification of stakeholders for the specific problems i.e. policy makers, policy analysts, interest groups, citizens, politicians;
  • elicitation of needs and expectations of specific stakeholders dealing with diverse policy challenges in the different contexts of the pilots;
  • investigation of stakeholders’ requirements to implement and support collaborative generation of scenario narratives and design of respective policy models;
  • specification of requirements for the integrated ICT toolbox supporting wider consultations, scenario building, policy modelling and simulation.


Work package overview


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